School Children Transportation Guideline

The road safety tips explained in this section have been developed as a source for parents and children. These tips can help the children stay safe on the streets. Children rely largely on imitation for learning so it very important that parents set the right example. Start road safety early. Road safety education is important to children at every age. As the children grow, they start making more decisions for themselves and mistakenly believe they know everything. They need to know that road safety is a serious matter and the rules cannot be broken.

Children need special attention because

  • They are curious, daring and spontaneous making them vulnerable to accidents.
  • Most road accidents involving children happen close to their homes.
  • The risk increases when children start high school.
  • Cannot determine which direction sound is coming from.
  • They do not know what to watch out and listen for.
  • They want to enjoy independence.
  • They are fast and unpredictable.
  • They get distracted easily.

Steps to independence

  • Talk to children the way they understand.
  • Start teaching road safety on roads with least traffic.
  • Watch and test before allowing the child to cross alone.
  • Start practicing crossing busier roads together. Do this many times before allowing the child cross alone.
  • Point out people who are making mistakes on the road and explain ways to avoid these dangers.
  • Check the route and discuss how to deal with any dangers before allowing the children to make a journey alone.
  • Explain the importance of understanding and following rules.


  • Walk only on the pavement or footpath.
  • If there is no pavement, walk on the right hand side of the road so you can see the traffic coming towards you.
  • Walk one behind the other at turns or if there is a heavy traffic.
  • Be extra careful if you can't see the road far ahead.
  • Be careful when crossing cycles, rickshaws and carts. They might be traveling slowly but they do not have efficient braking system and can cause serious injuries.
  • If you are walking with a younger child, always hold his or her hand when using the road.
  • Try to walk in the centre of the pavement. Someone might suddenly open the car doors.
  • Do not behave in the street as you do in the playground.
  • If a friend calls from the other side of the road, never hurry, check traffic first.
  • Do not challenge or encourage friends to do anything risky on the road.



  • Find the safest place to cross then stop.
  • If available cross the road at a zebra crossing, traffic light crossings or at traffic islands or where there is a police officer or a traffic warden. Wait on the pavement until the traffic has completely stopped.
  • If not available, choose a place where you can see clearly along the roads in all directions, and where drivers can see you.


  • Stand on the pavement little way back from the edge. You should be away from the traffic but still be able to see all around. Even if there is no pavement stand at a little distance from the edge.
  • Don't hurry, give yourself time and have a good look all round.


  • Look for traffic in all directions and listen.


  • Wait patiently and let the traffic pass.
  • Cross when there is a safe gap and you are sure there is enough time.
  • Don't cross if you are not sure.


  • When it's safe, walk directly across the road.
  • Keep looking & listening while crossing.

School Buses

  • Traffic Police will co-operate with RTA to check them on the roads
  • “School bus” should be displayed front and rear
  • Hired bus should display as “on school duty”
  • No extra children beyond the seating capacity
  • Minimum (5) years experience for driver
  • Drivers age not more than (50) years
  • A qualified person should accompany the driver
  • Provision for school bags under the seats
  • Availability of “First Aid Box”
  • Windows must be fixed with horizontal grills
  • Display of school name and telephone number
  • Reliable locks for the bus doors
  • Escort from the school in bus to ensure safety norms

Traffic Alerts

No alerts available