School Children

The UP Traffic Police invites you to join the ‘Responsible School’ Initiative.

We have all observed the traffic jams and chaos outside many schools at the times of their closing, every day. It is not only troublesome for the young children and their parents, but also to all road users passing by these schools. Is it not our responsibility to do something about it? Can we really do something about this?

The Traffic Police invites all schools to join the ‘Responsible School’ Initiative to collaborate with local Traffic Police.

By joining this initiative, the Schools will commit themselves to the following:

  1. Encourage all their students and staff members to be ‘responsible citizens’.
  2. Have more than one, ideally as many as possible, exit gates from the school premises.
  3. Classify, and earmark each exit gate for particular classes.
  4. Students getting out of each gate should get their vehicles outside that gate. Earmark places for different types of vehicles like rickshaws, tempos, buses, two-wheelers, cars etc. Parking of vehicles for younger children should be kept closer, and for elder ones may be kept slightly farther. Similar arrangements to be made for each exit gate.
  5. Assign a group of volunteer students to monitor compliance of these arrangements on a daily basis by rotation.
  6. Non-compliance or violation may be dealt with by the school management itself in a non-penal manner. The idea is to persuade and encourage students and their parents to voluntarily act in a responsible, disciplined manner.

Role of Police

The traffic police will assist the school authorities in identification and earmarking of parking spaces. They will also assist in enforcement during the transition period. They will assist in capacity building of school student volunteers. They will also carry out traffic education and awareness programs in the school.


The program will inculcate a sense of being disciplined and responsible not only in students, but also their parents, vehicle drivers, school teachers and staff members. Student volunteers will also learn camaraderie, team building and leadership.

The program will also lead to orderly traffic movement outside a ‘responsible school’, leading to convenient movement for students, parents, drivers of school children’s vehicles, and also all other road users.

How to Join

  • Like the Facebook page of ‘Responsible School’ Initiative of UP Traffic Police.
  • Write to dirtraffic[at]nic[dot]in, or contact the local district traffic police officers for assistance in this program.

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